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As part of the registration process with your son/daughters team you will be agreeing to membership of both AFC Whitchurch and WRSCC.


The membership will be renewed yearly on the 1st November at a cost of £5 for one adult and one child, or £15 for a family registration.


Being a member constitutes your agreement for us to store your data with the club’s agreement that your data will not be shared outside of the two named organisation's above or any other affiliated sporting organisation linked to the WRSCC group.



As part of the benefits package all members will have access to the following benefits


As a WRSCC member you will have a card that will allow you discount on drinks, each child will need to have an adult member when registering.


Each member will have the right to have free room hire at the WRSSCC club house, there are rules applied to each room which the member will need to ask about when trying to book.

Each team can eat for free at the club house after a game on Saturday's, the free food applies only to the children.

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